Texas highways used to be amongst the most beautiful in a nation of beautiful highways.

“America the Beautiful” could be admired from thousands of miles of highways in every State but Texas, because of its vast expanses of untrammeled natural beauty ranked above all.

Today, Texas Highways are for thousands of miles, cesspools of pollution, poverty, ugliness, trash, road-kill, and danger.

Let us take a drive along some of our Texas Highways of today and look at the disgrace.


Our highways are scenes of grizzly carnage. Only where every last animal has already been killed does one not encounter death along Texas highways.


Texans apparently have no respect for either Texas or America for they use our highways as convenient garbage dumps.


Instead of beauty, travelers encounter gross ugliness along almost any given mile along Texas highways.


The rich sequester themselves in elite retreats, far from the poverty which one encounters along Texas highways.


Cheap gasoline has caused the exploding overpopulation of Texas to spread out and congest our highways with endless lines of traffic and in many instances, grid-lock which is the cause of human carnage to go along with the road-kill of Texas wildlife.


Where once vast and beautiful forests provided shade and habitat for wildlife, Texas highways are now lined with the devastation of hideous clear-cuts and other evidence that the Texans of today are obsessed with greed rather than pride in the formerly great State of Texas.


This illustrated patriotic message is brought to you by George H. Russell

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